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Maximizing *tax-free Cash Flow For Your Client’s Peace Of Mind
Right-sizing, Downsizing, or Staying Put — Making the Most of Your Client’s Home Equity

Join us for a 90-minute update on how to get your clients the funds they need —even in a tight lending environment, to pay for care, mitigate a poor sequence of returns, divide assets in Silver Divorce, or just afford the lifestyle they are seeking without draining other assets prematurely.

With minimal income and credit requirements, they may qualify to receive a non-recourse Line of Credit, or monthly income:

  • for life (tenure) guaranteed by HUD,
  • for any term they choose, or
  • as a flexible credit-line to draw from as needs arise, or as a Buffer Asset
  • Your clients can even use this non-recourse FHA-insured program, the Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM), or a HomeSafe Jumbo RM to pay off an existing mortgage or HELOC that may be re-casting to a much higher interest rate. This strategy will eliminating their monthly payments* for life, thereby minimizing their monthly burn rate.
  • They retain ownership and can sell their home any time the choose, or leave all remaining equity, including appreciation (subject to loan balance) to their heirs.
  • Lender does not participate in appreciation sharing.
  • Open-ended term
  • No monthly repayment required. Pay any amount at any time to reduce interest accrual, but never a payment obligation.

The FHA-insured HECM, and the HomeSafe jumbo loans are both available as fixed or variable rate loans. Truly one of the most flexible financial tools for retirees looking for Liquidity and planning for Longevity, Legacy and Lifestyle.

Three Dates Are Available, Please Review Options And Reserve Your Spot.

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